Welcome to the National Association Of Co-operative Financial Institutions Of South Africa

We are a  Secondary Co- operative Limited formed under Co-operative Banks Act no 40 of 2007 to provide support services to our member primary Financial Co-operatives.

Our Services Include

Capacity building and mentorship
Product Development & Marketing
Technological and Accounting support
Representation and lobbying
Advice and counselling
CFI Audit preparations
Thekwini Metered Taxi Association wish to thank NACFISA most sincerely for sending a representative, Mr Mzwakhe Sikhosana, to our function held on Sunday 11th February 2018. We have found the presentation most enlightening and of profound benefit to our members. Our eyes were opened for the first instance to realize we can possibly form our own cooperative for the financial benefit of our members.
Chairperson: Thekwini African Metered Taxi Association
NJE Ntombela