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Drivers, inhibitors and the future of co-operative financial institutions: A Delphi study on South African perspective.

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  1. This research is well conducted, very informative and took into account the challenges we are facing as a industry and it gives recommendations on how we can move the industry forward which is in itself very important. Such people with a passion for quality research in our CFI industry are are not there. I think it will be wiser for the CBDA, BankSETA, National Treasury, NACFISA and DGRV to appoint such a research team as consultancy to do a complete research on the industry as per their recommendations on the areas for further research. I strongly believe the area for further research will offer better additional insights on specific issues completely for better managerial and policy recommendations
    From this research, I think the time for action is now as the sector is almost unstable, dying, no growth, the concept is unknown to the general public except the stokvels. It is very surprising that we have much stronger credit unions in Kenya, America and Canada than here in South Africa, why? Please lets fund this team to complete their research.

  2. I totally agree with Beki Moyo’s suggestion. Any engagement made with the researchers to unpack the CFI landscape? The challenge we have in South Africa is that government had not been serious funding research in CFIs but the banking sector where there are few players they pour money into research. People who are doing research that can help real financial inclusion to happen through access to saving and credit facilities are not even consulted. Even our NACFISA is inactive to engage such researchers.
    It a shame to the sector which crying for recognition.

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