Implementation of MAMBU to South African SACCos should and must not be confused and reveled as a replacement of our Banking Platform which is also a great development in our sector,MAMBU is for co-operative that do not afford to pay for Banking platform, small enough not to use banking platform, and Stokvels co-operatives. SACCOs who will be using MAMBU at a later stage when they are making enough profit may then migrate to our Banking platform provided affordability is considered.

MAMBU will be available to all SACCOs , CFI ,FCSs or any other financial co-operative under the following Ts and Cs :

  • Should be a co-operative registered for membership with NACFISA and do not afford Banking platform
  • Signed MOU between the SACCO and NACFISA for implementation and after support from our technical team.
  • Have at list one Savings and loan Products and enough Member detailed information.

More people need to be trained on how to use, implement and Manage the system under the programme of train the trainer. NACFISA will recruit more students traight from universities and introduce to the sector and have them deploy their skills and talents in the sector.

MAMBU have provided the modern environment of managing financial affairs of SACCOs and so NACFISA has to find capable and higly qualified candidates for the development and movement of the sector
This system has been implemented to six(6) SACCOs currently , Three in the Eastern Cape, Two in the Western cape, one in Kwa-Zulu Natal.