Kindly feel in the form below to register your organisation for admission with NACFISA, it is important to feel in the form with correct organisational and personal information.All information submitted to NACFISA shall be treated with all due respect and confidentiality, and NACFISA shall not at any point publish and or share organisational information without any concern of the applying persons.

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If You need more information and/ or clarity about NACFISA and its process and procedures, You can feel in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.
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It is very important to complete the above form with correct and legit information as communications are shared and processed using the information.


We are also available for Members who are still in the process of registering their Co-operatives (CIPC), with the idea, aim and plan to register as a Co-operative Financial Institution(CFI).You are welcome to Email us a request to attend and present the co-operative, CFI and/or SACCO Model and how NACFISA can and is of service to the start-up