About Us

Who we are

  • We are a  Secondary Co- operative Limited formed under Co-operative Banks Act no 40 of 2007 to provide support services to our member primary Financial Co-operatives.
  •  Our members comprises of Co-operative Financial Institutions registered with Co-operative Banks Development Agency and Co-operative Banks Registered with South African Reserve Bank(SARB)
  •  NACFISA Ltd is a registered Secondary co-operative registered on the 7th march 2013 with CIPC, On the date of registration, NACFISA Ltd had 28 founder Members from all nine provinces of South Africa.
  • Currently NACFISA Ltd has an affiliation of 46 financial institutions comprised of 15 CFIs registered with CBDA, One Co-operative Bank Registered with SARB and thirty financial institutions still pursuing registration with CBDA

Uniting and Representing All

  • NACFISA members are situated in all nine provinces of South Africa and they are united, represented, supported and served through a unifying voice for all primary co-operatives (CFIs, FSCs, SACCOS and other self-help groups) in South Africa.
  •  NACFISA seeks to include all types/forms of Co-operative Financial Institution (CFIs) provided for in all legal regulations in South Africa.
  • NACFISA will seek to represent its members at regional, national and international levels. It will represent and lobby for its members to the government, parliaments and other important forums (such as NEDLAC) and international financial co-operative movements,
  • this will include World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), International Co-operative Alliance(ICA) and international Coop Banking Association (ICBA)

Supporting and Serving

  • We as NACFISA provide a range of support services to our members bearing in mind that savings and credit co-operatives in South Africa are not well known and/or recognized like in other African countries for example, Kenya and Ghana.
  • The list of support services and products that we provide to our members is found under product and services page in this website.
  • The Support we provide to our members is not limited to the service list provided, NACFISA is a member driven organisation, and members decide which services shall be provided.
  • we facilitate mutual support through sharing and interaction and participation at national and international forums / bodies

NACFISA will serve and provide a range of services to support the activities of its members.and the co-operative sectors as a whole